Leah Mulligan Cabinum is best known for her sculptural installations and objects made from tactile-rich materials, which playfully link the physical to the conceptual. Born and reared in Athens, Georgia, she discovered her passion for the arts as a young child. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Georgia and her Master of Fine Arts from Winthrop University. Her work continues to be exhibited in private collections, galleries, museums and public spaces. Living in South Carolina’s countryside, she works from her home studio and is a faculty member at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

Artist Statement
My practice is a process of articulating the essence of my experience through aesthetic play. Inspiration is drawn from thought, emotion and desire. My perceptions are mined and intermingled, ranging from beauty to unrest. My methods are repetitive and labor intensive; I construct, assemble and manipulate tactile-rich materials to connect ideas with things. I am spellbound by sensual materiality and choose high and low materials for their evocative nature. With a child-like curiosity, I create art to link the tangible with the intangible and a little dab of magic. LMC

​​​Leah Mulligan Cabinum