Leah (born 1967, USA) creates immersive installations and sculptural objects made from diverse materials. Intentionally chosen for their inherent, but often overlooked attributes, her materials are often repurposed objects that link the physical to the conceptual. Varied materials and techniques support the cyclical theme, which is pervasive throughout her work. Cabinum’s practice is in the vein of wabi-sabi and Arte Povera, and several artists are among her influences  including Eva Hesse and Ann Hamilton. She lives in the rural countryside where she works in her private studio.

​​​Leah Mulligan Cabinum

Artist Statement

Diving in is my way. It keeps things fresh and dynamic, and compels me to discover obscure connections in the nature of things for myself. My creative process is, essentially, learning the dialogue between ideas and things. The combination of touching a thing and looking beyond it’s surface enables me to draw connections between the tangible and intangible. I thrive on making these connections. My art is simply the product of this process, and this process is simply a means for me to make sense of life.
Leah Mulligan Cabinum